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gloryfy unbreakable eyewear – innovative glasses and sunglasses that are entirely unbreakable. Developed, designed, produced and tested on a daily basis from a small team in the middle of the Alps in the Tyrolean Zillertal.
Ourunique glasses are not only essential for sporting activities. In everyday life and when travelling, they offer more comfort than any other glasses: maximum protection, matchless glass quality and when stowing in your backpack or jacket pocket, you don’t have to worry about your favourite glasses anymore!
unbreakable frames

gloryfy glasses are made from the special plastic material NBFX and, even after strong deformation, are constantly returning to their original shape due to the Memory Effect (European Patent Trademark).

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gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses unbreakable lenses
unbreakable lenses

Our lenses are also made from the special plastic NBFX. In addition to the unbreakability, they offer highest optical quality, the highest contrast range and absolute clarity.

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses NBFX special plastic
NBFX – special plastic

Our NBFX material has unique mechanical and optical properties. gloryfy is the first and only company to produce glasses (frames and lenses) of this material. In the in-house laboratory, new technologies are constantly being tested and research results are being introduced into the production of unbreakable products.

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses shatterproof and airbag-proof
shatterproof and airbag-proof

Even under extreme force, no splinters or other parts break off. This minimizes the risk of eye injuries. In addition to the perfect protection for the eyes, the customer is also offered a product that contributes significantly to a more carefree daily routine.

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses lightweight material
light material

A big advantage of the NBFX material is its weight. With a specific weight of only 1.11 g/cm ³, gloryfy glasses are lightweights and exceed common materials. This contributes significantly to the wearing comfort and rounds off the overall package.

gloryfy modular system

The temples and frames of the SPORT collection can be connected to each other very quickly and easily by a click mechanism. This guarantees safety on the one hand, in the case of extreme mechanical forces, and on the other hand, quick changes of the lenses are made possible.

made in austria

Ensuring the secrecy of production as well as the short distances between development, production and distribution are crucial arguments as to why gloryfy glasses are still manufactured in Austria. Christoph Egger, inventor and CEO of gloryfy: “The complexity of gloryfy unbreakable products is very high – this requires direct contact with development. The secret of our product lies in the unique process process – which can be optimally implemented and further developed in the home laboratory. “

More than 40 employees are involved in the production of a single gloryfy pair of glasses.

Production steps

The gloryfy glasses are produced in more than 80 manual steps.


This is the average time spent producing a single pair of glasses

gloryfy lens technology

Not only does the frame of gloryfy glasses have special technical features, but our lenses – made from the unbreakable polymer NBFX – are technical wonders as well! Whether unbreakability or highest optical quality – gloryfy lenses are equipped with lots of high tech features!
gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses Contour Lens Technology
Contour Lens Technology

CONTOUR Lens Technology makes you see like never before! The edge filter creates a maximum of contrast increase and filters the visible light selectively in such a way that the contrast is optimized in any light conditions and the best color results are achieved. You see contrasts where none were before.

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses highest optical quality
highest optical quality

The reason for the high optical clarity of the lens material is the high Abbe-number of NBFX (Abbe number 45) compared to polycarbonate (Abbe number 31) and 1,67 material (Abbe number 32). This clarity prevents rapid fatigue of the human eye during prolonged wearing, thus providing even more comfort.

100% UVA/UVB protection

UV protection is guaranteed for all gloryfy NBFX lenses by the material used, which protects the eye to 100 from UV rays (280 to 400nm) and also from the dangerous blue light, depending on the glass color.

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses lens structure
lens build-up

1 – gloryfy laminate: Oil-and water-resistant
2 – gloryfy hard layer coating outside
3 – gloryfy PCCM mass colouring
4 – gloryfy hard layer coating inside
5 – gloryfy antifog coating inside

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses self-toned glasses
photochromic lenses

gloryfy NBFX TRANSFORMER glasses guarantee a perfect adjustment of the tint to different light conditions from light to dark (55-96%) in the filter levels F1 to F4. Especially convenient for days with changing light conditions!

gloryfy POL glasses (polarized)

Natural light shines wave-like in all directions. The light reflected by strongly mirroring surfaces (snow, water, beach, road traffic) is polarized, i.e. aligned in a direction, which is perceived by the human eye as an unpleasant glare. gloryfy NBFX TRIPOL glasses effectively eliminate these reflected light waves. At the same time, with perfect polarization effect, they offer the possibility to read modern digital displays. With inferior polarization glasses, you often have problems here.

gloryfy unbreakable technology Inclinox 3D adjustment
The new freedom of eyewear adaptation
gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses Inclinox self customizable temples
3D adjustment of temples

The gloryfy Inclinox technology, in combination with the flexible special plastic NBFX (Non Breaking Flex Polymer), enables the perfect cold adjustment of the temples to the needs of the wearer at all times. Simply bend the gloryfy glasses’ temples into the desired position.

gloryfy unbreakable technology sunglasses Inclinox inclination

The flexibility of the innovative NBFX polymer, which is used in all gloryfy glasses, makes the Inclinox system possible. In combination with an inserted metal wire, you can now even adjust the inclination in the twinkling of an eye by deforming the temples.

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